Game Changer in The Cash For Gold Market

My experience with a new cash for gold company called GoldPay was a light shinning in a seemingly endless dark cash 4 gold tunnel. I was so amazed by how well my gold transaction went, that I was inspired to write a little story about it.

After doing research for so many years, when I hear the word cash for gold, my eyes immediately start to roll to the back of my head. The first thing that comes to mind is an uneasy experience in a not so great setting. I picture a person going through financial hardship, gathering a bundle of gold together, taking it to a dingy pawnshop, and walking out with pennys on the dollar.

Why do I think so negatively of cash for gold business? Because the proof is in the pudding. All you need to do is just walk into any place that buys gold. Most of them are pawnshop related stores that smell like dog urine because some guy came in yesterday to sell his old unwashed shirt for $1.50 and they just hung it on the rack for you to try on today.

When you enter most of these stores, after you dance around the maze of dust and clutter, you then find the person behind the counter who has all the experience in the world valuing everything from star wars video games to ping pong paddles.

You then hand over your gold to the star wars ping pong expert, he takes your items to the back of the room, and then offers you pennies on the dollar for your gold based on some math calculation he drew up on his used napkin from lunch.

Now obviously I am exaggerating a bit,but the truth is, more often than not, the cash for gold customers have a terrible experience, and they might not even be aware of it if they don’t know how much of a payout they should be receiving.

Because of these negative experiences, I have been passionate about finding the best gold buyers in your local area to help consumers make informed choices when they sell their gold. In my experience, I have been hung up on, told to go to hell, kicked out for asking why they pay such a terrible price – gold buyers can be rude indeed.

One day I was doing my normal research for Gold Price Local in Minneapolis, and I came across a new company called GoldPay. I went to their site and they actually had a payout calculator on the page!

Based on my weight and karat, it said I would be paid $674.50 which I could even have the quote sent to my email! I couldn’t believe it! I could actually find out what they pay on their website before I even walked in their door!

Then in the bottom right corner, I found that I could book an appointment right on their site at many different convenient locations! Not only that, it was going to be a 1 on 1 private appointment at the location of my choice.

I was still skeptical. All this seemed to good to be true. I booked the appointment for the next day available, and they sent me a text with appointment confirmation along with directions to the office.

The directions indicated that it was on the 15th floor of a large skyscraper type building. Sell gold in a corporate building? Immediately two things were going through my head, 1. Should I be wearing a suit to this meeting?! 2. What if I get lost in the building and miss the appointment!?

The next day arrived, and I decided to wear my casual clothes, tucked my gold into my pocket and left to the appointment. My GPS from their link said I will arrive in 15 minutes. I was getting excited for this new experience, and more excited to get a $674 inside a cool building on the 15th floor for my gold.

I followed the directions and it was very easy to find. Soon enough I was on my way up the elevator and even 5 minutes early! The elevator opened and a receptionist greeted me and asked me if I wanted a coffee or water while I waited to be called back. I opted for the coffee which was starbucks, and eagerly waited.

Soon after, I got called back to a private office. The person inspecting my items verified the weight and purity right in front of me. He then made me an offer of $674.50 which was the same price I was quoted for! Which was also by far the best payout I could find. I was offered paypal or virtual check, and I elected to get paid by virtual check simply because it was something new to me that I wanted to try. 30 seconds later, I open my email, and there is a check in there that can be deposited in my bank account!

This was a milestone. I never thought I would have a new experience like this selling gold. I got an estimate, booked an online appt, ended up selling my gold for the same estimate price, and received my first virutal check. This all happened on the 15th floor of a skyscraper of smikling faces! I have been through this same old process time and time again, but this experience was very unique and so refershing that I thought I would share it with you.

If you have any thoughts about selling gold, I hope there is a GoldPay located near you! Give them a call at 844-232-42424



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